Tuesday wraps themag.globalboho.com’s political coverage for this week.

… I’m going to do my best to go not give a fuck.

However it goes, it goes.

Decide what you’re doing about it in real time. Do your best to keep you educated. & know the metrics that are important to you.

In my first spec script I had a carac designed for Jason Momoa going toe to toe with a carac designed for Charlize Theron. It was hilarious to me because size-wise she could take him & he’d egged her on across millennia. It was their chemistry in my writerhead’s mind’s eye. Had only ever seen them near each other on the page, fussing, yowling my words.

… I’m finally watching FAST X.

I just saw them square off with one another. The chemistry I imagined face to face was spot-on.

full-fledged writerhead highs.