One of my most freeing moments was where , having this understanding in spades for decades, God deepened it by helping me comprehend that those that waste their time & breath doing ⬆️, lying to clair-audiant folk with their full chests anyway…are so invested IN those lies (to you, looking you dead in the eyes or heart) because those lies are outcroppings of everything that is wrong in them, to them.

It ain’t even about you.

It’s them battling the rusted infrastructure within them.

They avoid ever truly looking at themselves to try to get away from it… but they see that reflected in your eyes… or even in the sincerity of your heart.

&They get away from it everywhere else.

That’s the sick, cancerous pull in them.

They actually bona fide think they hate you…because they can’t unsee your unwillingness to besmirch the integrity of your journey by lying to them.

& looking at Every person in their life new & old that will lie to them in their faces… makes them think they hate you more.

…You can be off Tiptoeing thru tulips, but your existence is maliciously being accused of treason to countries for old men you don’t even ascribe to.

They get played like harps by the liars in their life due to their supposed hatred of you, too. Whored out & down. Everyone willing to lie to them brings you back front & center to their psyche, no matter what “you” truthfully “do.”

But it’s their own Self-Hatred.

Their hatred of themselves lies in wait at the root of them trying to lie to you as much as it does when they try to lie on you to any who will listen.

& when you don’t react with anything they can energetically consume to numb them out , when you don’t pick up the poison, or you dodge toxicity they aimed at you with in retaliation to your love…

when you accept their response as-is…

and let go…

their self hatred reloads to sodomize them all the more.

They’re the equivalent of skin covered rusty, old jungle gyms kids once had to risk their lives on because that was all on offer…after the children that survived them have moved further afield to safer playgrounds.

… but they just need refurbishing, at a core level.

That’s the compassion.

Understanding that.

The self love is recognition that you don’t have to expose yourself to the tetanus that comes with refurbishing something that’s incapable of bearing your BMI once fixed.

MAKING PEACE… with that [in you] and having gratitude for all the “there, but by the grace of God, goeth i” embedded in all of it … heals everything that primed you to waste whatever you did on, with, or at them, too.

You doing that…as they lie…is the epitome of a karmic innerstanding of things.

What you decide to do(in a situation) is not my problem, only how I choose to behave in it. That is what I’ll be judged by, by God.

Taffi Dollar

Don’t waste yourself behooving people who hate themselves not to lie to you. Don’t waste your time imploring folks who live a lie everyday to be true to you.

See the lie.

Really see why they “have” to lie to sleep.


NO matter how personally you may hafta watch them try to make you absorb their shit.

They’re doing their best to shed the viral load that self hatred is the only way they know how.

So, again…compassion.

But fuck infection in lieu of love.