Wasn’t even trying it, but #itoldyall ~GB Case in point: Pharrell for LV/ GQ

In this workshop (technically showroom) visit, dude basically breaks down his fn Fashist Manifesto.

I was just speaking from a “props given/ don’t sleep on his appointment/ business wise he’s been the cloaked menswear fn Highlander for 2decades/IYKYK” place as a unabashed lover of menswear.

It’s cool to see him standing on what his lil demi-ourgos’d ass is, creatively speaking.

…and I still give Sean Combs props for being legitimately respectful Of the true menswear industry AS a musichead right ahead of him , while everyone else was in feeding frenzy mode.

Pattern recognition.

When you truly fucking love something, you love to see people you dig love that thing, even when you’re on hiatus.