What do you need to hear today?|#woosahsonicwednesdays

Each card is going to mean something different to each person every time it comes up in an AOLAB Active-Art deck.

There’s no copout of “this card means that, according to history.”

fuck that.

You’re here NOW.

THE whole point is BE here Now.

What does the phrase hit IN you … now?

That’s one of the beauties of this entire series of decks. You’re not learning to lean on devils, angels, aliens, etheric entities…

The onus Officially is on you and whatever you actually have in your pot.

That’s… a lot of response-ability to face up to every day.

…but it mirrors reality, no matter what we say to the contrary.

Sometimes we need to consciously Hear(and see) the way WE are hearing things.

Sometimes we need to face what WE are bringing to things unconsciously.

So we can pause… and ask:

Is that true? or is that just how we feel? Is it just how we’re Used to feeling? Or is it how we want to feel(so as not to feel something else more dangerous)?

…& once you get in the habit of doing that with the cards… you’ll notice yourself doing it in your life too, being present to what’s truly up with you.

For me…TODAY…. thaaaat first card is speaking to where most of us “are” when we write something off as failure. Aka on our ass, or back, looking up at whatever flew away from our shit that we weren’t handling correctly.

But that card has meant many a ‘notha thang when previously pulled. & the elder who first delivered it into my psyche coming up was on a ‘Stop being a punkass- so what if you fail?” When I was hemming & hawing ahead of trying something new for me. Like giving a person a chance I “couldn’t trust” for just as many reasons living in them that I could see as reasons living in me that, until grappling with that admonition, I couldn’t.

THE CARDS tailor themselves to where you are tangibly.

Remember. .. This is supposed to be FUN, this Life.

…so have fun with it.


They are great True Friend gifts, too.

Especially if you have that friend who likes to be all “Why didn’t you tell me?!” Because yall have grown tired of trying to tell them stuff.

Put it in their own hands….and eventually they’ll shuffle it up to the surface to be dealt with themselves, buoyed by the ink blot art therapy effect of whatever they need to see in those moments in the Blackwater collages on the flip side.

There’s ten different decks in the series but the AOLAB Active-Art deck Blackwater is the one where the shadow work gets real and worked through.

You will be lighter on the far side of reading it and letting it read you*.

lowkey esoteric guarantee hinged on you really doing the work.