a lil yellow curry levity

I just posted elsewhere about #montgomery & the televised dissolution of the #buckbreaking trauma freeze programming within black American  culture.

If my IG page gets shut down once again for speaking to root issues impacting current racialized events, you can find articles and videos  at themag.globalboho.com

They swarmed with an expectation of old programming in our community to kick in.

But these events trounced on that.
Those guys fought anyway.

They refused to watch another swarm of racists stomp the life-force out of a black person without any pushback.

AND swimi hendrix broke the stereotypes embedded in the community regarding black people not being able to swim.

This was a global deprogramming TKO TOUR de Force~
One on par with the patriarchal deprogramming barbieheimer pulled off.

Swim classes are about to be slammed, chock-full of adorable Lil chocolate kids in Lil swimming floaty arm things.

Trump picked that particular weekend for his rally at the hilt of old school black family reunions pilgrimage season  in Montgomery As Nefariously as he scheduled that juneteenth rally.

&I say it completely clearheaded: the actions of those poontoon boaters (pontoon, but #sommayallknow what poon is and why it’s more appropriate here lol)were premeditated.  They went there looking for a fight.

A interesting rumor is afloat too.

The chaired woman…who was all up IN the melee from the getgo… May be related to the governor of f ureaking Alabama.

The riverboat company has fired the staffers.

After asking folks to adhere to the rules-literally doing their job commissions…and watching their elder- a co-captain, not security guard getting jumped for it… they were fired for running in and stopping a swarm of racists from unaliving an old black man who was Literally Their Captain.

The company that owns the HARRIOT boat deserves some serious smoke too.