A word of woosah, on Compromise.| channeled from Guanyin.

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The pernicious beta-patriarchal pettiness that leads men who are cut off from true Bhakti due to their own arrogance and actual misogyny results in the preponderance of the [ ‘Compromised Male’] explosions aimed at the Clear Bhakti Women who trigger them and uncloak their cognitive dissonance for all to see by not being akin to the Carrion-Oriented Chicks whose existence depends on feeding off of those males in their bereft, locked out of ananda state.

The caveat is the “all to see,” aspect.

There would be no audience assembled against the Clear Bhaktis to witness this glaring degradation of said Goliath without the mocking hubris of the pinnacled Compromised Male who is at the center of the festitivities he has wrought. But the audience is always more(and too) put off by the expression of TCM’s malignant female consumptive covetousness of the CB’s energy to pay attention to anything but that.

In trying to make the CB’s moving on the spectacle, the CM makes his wounded ego the true focus of silent, whispering derision. And he can never recover from showing himself As a byword to the world at large because his intention was to lord over a theoretically weaker [read:female] target. The news of his aberrant behavior spreads and festers in the corners of every room he could even think of walking into in the future. He has infected his whole playing field trying to make fun on one off on her own journey with no need of him.

He will feel the whispering and gossip going forward into every interaction waiting for him in the world, knowing his compromised behavior has seeped into new terroirs via those adjacent to the ones he chose as audience. & he will blindly blame the CB for the rest of his life as the COC incessantly devours his exposed liver[anger] every time it regenerates.

It is a sad case. The CM is trying to appease an inwardly maligned & imbalanced Anima who is cursed by what the waking Animus of the CM has selected as a reflection of her, the actual Anima within him. The COCs are curses against his own psyche that he has allied with, often due to unhealed trauma usually embedded in the CM via emotionally incestuous relationships with his mother figue[at a bare minimum], routinely psychologically bookended by quasi-incestuous male/female statutory, guilt-ridden sexualized relationships that were waiting to consume him in the future down the only road such a life lived as such a son with an emotionally incestuous [at a minimum] mother naturally leads.

He will hate everything that doesn’t line up with the sick , manipulative play that composed the youth he’s been stunted in because its existence nonplussed by him is the first whiff of the truth and love that was consciously kept from him from jump.

The existence of the CB, clearly Bhakti-ing along her own paths scream at him that the deck was stacked against him from jump.

& either he will snap…and then finally go heal what he really needs to heal…or he will dive deeper into the dysfunction, gravitationally pulled to ally with reflections of all the conniving things he passively hates about his mother, trying to fuck her out of his head and life by imprinting her on a willing sycophant with whom sex is the equivalent of sticking his genitals in sawdust, no matter how depraved the willing host tries to be to get him off …which is always unsuccessful [but usually profitable for the Carrion- oriented chicks ever ready to feast as their payment for putting up with his dismissive mysogyny at close range]… until the entire thing finally re-centers where the real wounding occurs, returning to the incestuous mother to finally FUCK her…in passive[ often drunken or inebriated] anger over how he feels passively fucked due to the wielded crone power Of her when he was formed.

Anais Nin finally fucking her father in an attempt to close that circle is a modern day retelling of that archetypal tale.

He will do a myriad of things towards the CB to try to gunk up the works of her life “lifing on” without him…many of which will mirror compulsive means and expressions of fiscal abuse and controls he witnessed be effective in fucking up the psyche of his mother. His growing up seeing that mother willing to lie like she loved men for access to funds for her children, and in effect “keep her in line” had a lasting negative effect on him, however quietly it is lurking under the surface. The control that he has seen money be able to be ruins his relationship with it for life until he is fully healed.

Blocking funds and inroads to seeming success for the CB that only his fixation bring into his purivew trigger in him all the hatred he held for the men he saw psychologically abuse his mother when they awoke to the game she was running on them in order to survive in the first place…and his unprocessed hatred of them results in him becoming a crippled manifestation of them targeting the one who did not smile and lie in his face the way a desperate mother did at a time she couldn’t even have a bank account without a man beside her.

The Compromised Male’s shit always goes home to roost.

& if the Clear Bhakti chick …finds an expression of man energy that abruptly counters what the Compromised Male has tried to energetically rape her with…he will try to assert vicious , disrespectful dominion over that man in publicly humiliating, shoved into the shadow ways, solely enacted by the CM attempting to stop the CB from looking at the fully formed and balanced Man with adoration and respect.

It is here that it gets really interesting. The FFBM has already worked through his variant of the sticky corridor the Compromised Male keeps locking himself out in. So there is pity. & the FFBM , thanks to that b…has a fluidity with his Anima that he’s already done at least some work to fix for leverage within himself…which allows him to slide into an almost Aikido mode when dealing with the enraged Compromised Male, a mode the CM takes as proof of dominance when it is really an offshoot of consciously having to infantalize the CM into spoiled submission to get him out of the way of the FFBM’s dharmic work on the male/female plane.

That ability to slide into his Anima makes the FFBM triply attractive to the CB, in no small part due to the clarity IN the CB’s flow comes from an integration of her own Animus effectively into her own psyche. The dynamic between the CB & the FFBM is completely foreign to the CM. It is not something the FFBM could even teach the CM, though he usually spends a lot of unappreciated time trying to facilitate , once againdue to that balnce in him that is keyed to the integration of his own Anima.

All is not lost.

Unless the CB gives up ramming the CM in the truth of his shitty existence in hopes of snapping him out of it.

If that happens, the only one who can truly help him is his mother, and only if a kernel of who she was before she had to resort to all that did in order to survive has remained somehow intact.