Apericena Fridaze

Still trying all the cauliflower pizzas as they come and doctoring them. Certainly the most surprisingly delicious #Globalbohoexperiment of the summer of 2023.

Today’s champion:

The doctoring:

mushrooms, olive tapenade, fresh tomatoes from the garden, mexican cheese & extra mozzarella, plus spices & a lil bacon jus to make sure the tomatoes get rightly toasted….& in turn scatter some arugula on top after cutting it (immediately upon pulling it from the oven) and then let everything meld.

…serve it with a small arugula salad that has fresh mushrooms a light blue cheese & capers tossed into it before you dress it with garlic olive oil and a deep balsamic brightened with a lil lemon.

make yer aperitif/ digestif mindfully…sit down and eat(ENJOY) the lil salad first… f ureaking breathe~and then have at it 🤗…