Fohn out Fridaze: September. September ..September…

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Being “about that life” is different for each of us.

In Glyph mode I am very intuitively oriented year round but nothing compares to August. It’s like I’m preparing the ship to go back into service, the “cleaning the haus before subjecting it to the haus keeper” season. My Virgo Veneration predestination and predilections are consciously off the charts.

It’s not like I’m handing myself over to God for him to turn me over in his hands to inspect the year’s wear & tear( not that there’d be anything wrong with that lol- and in fact, if you’re still having spiritual difficulties making that connection it is a great place to start)…

I just…remember not having a body on some deep cellular level and really appreciate having this time in this ship. Bodhi’s a cool boat . I pilot her with honor, and I am happily bewildered watching time burnish her copper-plated ass as I age up.

I went in for my bday session with an herbalist yesterday. It’s a nice check to give when wired like me, gives me an ability to be in conversation with people who know the herbs ive been experimenting with Globalboho prescription wise to talk out my findings comparatively. The back&forth of “i did a course of this, experienced that & stopped” with someone who can be like “that’s a normal hurdle” or “that’s a good response” and direct me deeper into exploration or alteration to another herb to get what I desire is good.

& it’s the clearheadedness of the conversations too. The ones who get down with herbs as medicinal beyond magical thinking are the hippocrates vibe tribe hidden amongst us and should be protected at all cost.

I’m looking forward to the 8th gradation of 40 like a mug.