The surprise of surprises.|libationist.

… actually found a nonalcoholic cuvee that tastes better than I would’ve ever expected. Actually tastes Like champagne.

No, seriously.

Last bottle. & kid you not, it’s better than most of the sparkling not grown in champagne region actually alcoholic whathaveyous under $25 in California known by name.

I ended 2023 giving up looking for a nonalcoholic champagne for this year that didn’t taste like badly carbonated juices that’d drive you to drink booze just to burn the taste of them out of your tongue.

I hope Sechey gets whatever second wind they need to keep this one going because they may actually lowkey be a gamechanger for those of us who treat bubbles as a primary food group but are feeling some kind of way the further down the road they get, alcohol-wise.

…at Tarjay, of all places. Go figure.

Props are given.