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La mag article

theMAG.globalboho exists in fulfillment of the dreams of many angelic aspects… but they all were able to take root in a foundation acquired as a paid intern in the graphics division of a regional magazine as a kid.

The scholarships from Penton publishing got me to college. They were the final monies to come in and how I was able to get emancipated sophomore year. I walked away from them when I got into both FIT’s menswear program & the New School (as a second year transfer, which I was told to my face by a gatekeeper could never happen in the interview, which is why I deferred after proving’em wrong. Whole other story ) knowing that I wouldn’t be going back to Cleveland. I’ve been there three times since.

& yeah… okay, I also designed my first full fledged clothing & home goods collections, logos & letterhead at my desk (over lunch, before having to go back to writing on rulers all afternoon), but my second summer they flung me into all the things that have made maneuvering with Kokopellima Press the way I do second nature for me.

Telling ya, they tossed me like a dad throwing their non-swimming kid in the ocean…and got me utterly addicted to desktop publishing as the tectonic plates of the industry were going crazy. It was the wild, wild west, digitally & I loved it.

Last time I checked Penton’s still around, primarily due to focusing on (then 37 different) executive magazines. Long before falling in love with Japan’s otaku vibrations, Penton’s commitment to each arena it crafted magazines to serve inspired me, from lugging 300+ magazines to university as part of my design, art, architecture and planning college trousseau to specializing in Menswear.

Lifetimes later, everywhere I’ve gone as Glyph for AOLAB?

The first order of collage-head business boots on the ground is always scouring the local magazine scene. Even yesterday out of habit.

Reading that the industry is “returning to source” out here as I’m finally putting down roots in my daily brief earlier just made my heart Sing.